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Looking To Increase The Appeal Of Your Home?

The garage door has become a new design statement for homeowners who want the latest in style, safety and high tech function. There are two basic styles of residential garage doors:  traditional and carriage house, available in steel and wood. Adding windows, hardware and custom colors will increase your doors appeal.

A few factors to consider when purchasing a new garage door include:


Consider the look and feel of your home and neighborhood.  The front door color and placement.  The roof style and color.  The garage location in relation to your home.  Think about how you can choose a door that suits both your lifestyle and personality.

GarageCustom garage doors with matching lift units

How are you using your garage?  Is it just for parking the cars and for storage space?  Garages that are used as workshops, hobby areas, workout spaces or recreation rooms need different doors than a parking spot. Once you determine how the garage will be used it will make it easier to select the appropriate door.


An insulated door is a must if your garage is attached to your home.  It sound proofs the garage, improves your home’s security and most importantly, helps you save on energy bills year ‘round.

Insulated (R-Value) – An insulated door is made of two layers of steel with insulation in between each layer. The higher the “R-Value”, the more insulation there is.

Non-Insulated – A non-insulated garage door has an open back and is made of steel only… perfect for a detached garage and appropriate for consistently warm climates.

Door Material

Wood is an elegant choice and can be easily customized.  Although wood doors cost more and may require regular repainting or refinishing, they add a craftsman-level quality to your home’s garage.

Steel doors can have a vinyl backing and be insulated or not.  They are low maintenance, have longer warranties and can be pre-painted in a wide range of colors.  Steel doors are the most popular type of door purchased.

Steel doors come in three types of construction: single, double, and triple-layer. A single layer steel door has just one layer of steel. Double-layer doors have one layer of steel plus a layer of vinyl-coated insulation for optimal thermal protection and quieter operation. Triple-layer garage doors are the most energy-efficient and provide superior noise reduction.  They offer polystyrene or polyurethane insulation packed between two layers of steel.


Let Aladdin Doors help you select a garage door that reflects your individual taste while adding both comfort and curb appeal to your home.  We carry a large selection of top quality doors, many of which are in stock that can be installed within 24 hours.  Our professional installers have up to 20 years experience and will come prepared to measure your door and show you samples, colors and pricing. Together we can build the door that is best for you, your home, and your budget.  Call us today to schedule an appointment at your convenience.  Our on-site estimates are free!

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